Wednesday, July 6, 2016

More research only leads to more questions!

I found my Grandmother Nellie Hadd's death certificate which listed her as divorced. That was news to me and a shock to be honest. I searched for her divorce papers and found them. She was divorced in 1917 from George Hadd.

I then found a census for George, Edmund (who was also born in 1910 the same as my Mom), and Alie living with George in 1920.

Talk about confusing! Edmund had a "Lucinda" listed as his mother on the census. I also found a marriage license for George and Lucinda Herrington which listed an "Ordiway" as her Mother. Nellie's mother is an "Ordiway". I've not known my Grandmother as Lucinda but that's who married George Hadd. She was 16 and he was 18!

This just opened up a whole can of worms! I hope I can find the answers I'm looking for.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Jacob Knorr Part 5 - Finding his roots

Christopher Knorr contacted me through Wikitree about Jacob - if he is the same Jacob. His
Grandmother was the historian in the family but she passed away recently and he is taking the reigns now.

According to Christopher:  Jacob was born as Jacob Andreas Knorr in 1798 in Grossgrabe, Mühlhausen, Sachsen, Prussia.

He married Wilhelmine Magdalena Nicolai.

Jacob had 7 children that he knows of: Anna, Georg, Andrew, Johann, Catharina, Amelia, and Christopher. They seem to have been born in that order, starting in 1830, and seperated by two years like clockwork.

Part of this fits - but there is still doubt. Here are some of the census and other info for him: