Thursday, April 28, 2016

Jacob Knorr Part 5 - Finding his roots

Christopher Knorr contacted me through Wikitree about Jacob - if he is the same Jacob. His
Grandmother was the historian in the family but she passed away recently and he is taking the reigns now.

According to Christopher:  Jacob was born as Jacob Andreas Knorr in 1798 in Grossgrabe, Mühlhausen, Sachsen, Prussia.

He married Wilhelmine Magdalena Nicolai.

Jacob had 7 children that he knows of: Anna, Georg, Andrew, Johann, Catharina, Amelia, and Christopher. They seem to have been born in that order, starting in 1830, and seperated by two years like clockwork.

Part of this fits - but there is still doubt. Here are some of the census and other info for him: