Wednesday, March 26, 2014

To Do Next - Follow Stephen and Connect with Michael Dwinnell

This post will disappear when I've done it! Genealogy is an ongoing process and I just need a note here! If you happen upon this blog, keep in mind that it's not complete.

The only reason I'm so far in my Mother's lineage is because of the connection to Royalty. In this day and age, I consider the connection to be a servant/employer relationship. In 1600's England, evidently it's not that way. Still, it's interesting.

The Knorr lineage is harder to follow because there hasn't been extensive work done before me. I'm looking for primary research leads rather than secondary. I want to follow paper! :)

If anyone has any anecdotes, heresay, gossip or secondary information I would be happy to listen. Many of those sources are reliable sources but I just want to document everything. Besides, those secondary sources are most interesting! :)

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