Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Note About the Genealogy Research Here

When I first started researching genealogy, I wasn't very careful with sources. Call me naive but I took all facts I found at face value. I rarely even double checked to make sure the source referred to the right person!

I can follow my lineage back to Judge Theophillus Harrington then eventually Benjamin Harrington and what a mess that lineage is! My problems began when I found conflicting information regarding Benjamin's birth date and place of birth. Not only that, but it appears there are two Benjamin Harrington's in our lineage. Talk about confusing! Needless to say, both will have their own page here so I can work out the details before I post it to the Wiki - if that ever happens!

I'll try my best to have reliable sources for my ancestors. Reliable to me means paper that you can trace but that's not always possible. Otherwise, I'll document where I found information whether it's from an ancestry site, a book or even heard from a relative. Even if it's not paper, it could possibly point me to where I can find reliable information. I also want to include images of the document when possible.

You may find pages here that are almost blank over the next few months. I'll update them as soon as I can.

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