Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Who am I and why is Knorr Genealogy on Blogger?

My name is Cathy Knorr Gariety. My father was Emerson Lowell Knorr and my mother was Sylvia Hadd Knorr. I've been researching our ancestors since 2002 formally but I've always been interested in who I am, where I came from and where my family originated.

I started out by listening to my Mother describe her full blooded American Indian grandmother. She was an orphan and had only knowledge that was passed down through generations. I wish my Mom was alive so that I could tell her what I've found!

The methods I used to start our genealogy was haphazard, not organized and although not entirely useless, it wasn't the best. I started on and was hooked immediately. I spent hours tracing bloodlines, connecting to my ancestors and following leads. I'd say roughly 50% are reliable if you follow the source.

When I could no longer afford Ancestry, I found WikiTree and that's where our lineage will be kept. This blog will be used as my research portal and will include separate pages for each member of our tree. I need a place to keep notes before I work out the exact lineage. Paper just doesn't seem to do it for me any longer!

Which Knorr?

The Knorr family that I will be researching was from Illinois and Missouri. My grandfather was killed in a dynamite factory near Hannibal, Missouri. My Mom's maiden name was Hadd but had Harrington lineage through my grandmother. If that sounds familiar to you, follow along. I'd welcome your comments and suggestions!

My priority over the next month is to add pages for each member in my lineage. I want them to show up in the history or previous posts in the same month.

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