Sunday, February 17, 2013

Finding Jacob Knorr - Part 3

I'm so excited! I found the record of the whole family coming over from Germany. I also found a few more Knorr's that I didn't know about. They arrived on the 27th of November into New Orleans in 1848 on the Agnes. They left the port of Bremen. Can you imagine the difference in climate in New Orleans vs. Illinois in November? I wonder how long it took them to get to Illinois? Jacob was there by the 1850 census, I know that.

I went to the German Facebook page and Matthias helped me translate it:

looks like Großgrabe (you can also write Grossgrabe). There are two Grossgrabe in Germany: Weinbergen-Großgrabe, county Unstrut-Hainich, state Thuringia (Thüringen) and Großgrabe, Kamenz county, state Saxony.

Another person found more information:
According to, the Agnes left Breman on Sept 20, 1848 under Captain H. Kruse for New Orleans with 194 passengers. Sadly, the passenger list itself does not seem available on this site.

There are two separate families - Sebastian and Jacob. I want to find out what happened to Sebastian Knorr who is listed as a child of Jacob also. The older Sebastian is five years older than my Jacob and I'm thinking he's a brother.

It appears my Jacob's middle name was Andrew? All that's listed is Andr.

I read history of Germany around that time and I'll post details once I find the source again. Germany was going through a lot of changes during the mid 1800's and it possibly led to their immigration. I hope they found America was everything they hoped it would be.

If anyone could read the rest of the record, I would appreciate it. I think the city is listed but I'm not sure.

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