Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Matilda E. Weidenhamer 1843-1916

Matilda E Weidenhamer
Born September 10, 1843 in Fowler, Adams, Illinois, United States
Daughter of John Jacob Weidenhamer and Elizabeth M. Lindenmoyer
Sister of John Jacob Weidenhamer, Fredericka Christina Weidenhamer, William B Weidenhammer, Elizabeth Ann Weidenhamer and Lennington Weidenhamer 
Wife of Frederick J Knorr — married March 21, 1858 in Quincy, Adams, Illinois, United States
Mother of Mattie Knorr, Elizabeth Knorr, Amelia Knorr, Minnie Knorr, Catherine W Knorr, Anna Virginia Knorr, Ella Nancy Knorr and Fredrick A. Knorr 
Died July 25, 1916 in Riverside, Adams, Illinois, United States
Frederick J. Knorr family headstone, Fowler, Illinois. 1906

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