Thursday, February 14, 2013

Looking for Jacob Knorr b. 1800 - Brake, Germany

This is what I know about Jacob Knorr:

Born in 1800 in Germany, died in 1872 in Adams Co, Illinois.

The record that cites his arrival in 1834 is in error. That Jacob Knorr died on the way over. He couldn't have arrived in 1834 if he had children born in Germany from 1834-1843.

He settled in Illinois. His children were born in Germany, with the last one in 1843 in Westfalen/Westfalia yet he shows up on the 1850 census in Illinois. Immigration must have been between 1843 and 1850.

Wife was either Wilhelmina Nickeloid (most sources) or Johanna Charlotte d. 1846 (no sources except other family trees.Could Johanna be his first wife? Perhaps die in childbirth?

(I suspect "Nickeloid" might have been an "Americanized" version of the name. I can find no Nickeloid's in Germany other than her record that says she was from Germany).

Children were:

David b. 1834 in Germany
Frederick J. b. 1838 in Westfalen, Westphalia, Germany
Amelia b. 1840 in Preuben - the "b" is a German character and I believe it means "Prussia"
Christopher B. b. 1843 in Westfalen, Westphalia, Germany

On various census reports, I've seen Hanover, Bremen, Prussia and Germany as originations. I suspect they are all true as I believe Hanover is a part of Prussia in approx. 1850. Westfalia is further south, am I correct?

I have a German ships list (military service?) with a Jacob Knorr aboard that lists his hometown as Brake, which I believe was part of Bremen in 1850. (If this is the same Jacob, but the location and time period fits. I'm not sure how many Jacob Knorr's were named in that time period).

I've started learning a little German to help with reading parish's records - just as it pertains to genealogy which is a task in itself.

This is a new blog and I'm not sure how many people will read this but if you know of Jacob or have tips on how I can find him, could you please leave a message?

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