Friday, February 15, 2013

Just What I Need - Another Controversy!

We descend from Benjamin Harrington - the illustrious Harrington who the controversy appears to be about. My Benjamin Harrington was from Bath, England and the other from the East Coast. Whatever. Perhaps family and bloodline are two separate things, although it shouldn't be. Until something is proven, I'll leave it as is because it's all I know.

Now I find another controversy in the family. John Harris and Bridget Angiers. How many more will I find? Will I ever find out the truth? It's why we do research in the first place. Some may want to prove an important heritage but whatever mine is, I just want the facts and that's a little difficult as a new genealogy researcher. There are no paper trails to follow in some cases.

I really don't care who descends from whom as in trying to prove royal heritage. I just want to identify my ancestors and where I originate whatever I might find.

My children can follow their ancestry back to Abraham Lincoln through their Father's side. No controversy there, it was as easy as pie.

Wonder what I'll find on the German side? ;) It's an interesting process!

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