Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Madilene Slay

Madilene Slay 
Daughter of 
Sister of 
Wife of Benager Ames — possibly
Mother of Elsie E Ames  possibly

I have found conflicting information on Elsie Ames Mother. When researching, I found other trees that named her as Elsie's Mother however, none of the information was sourced.

I have found census reports that lists an "Mene" as Mother of Elsie, but of course, that is the same census that misspelled Benager or Bellajah's first name. It could be the "Mene" is actually "Irene" and there is some evidence to that effect.

I'll update as I find sources and if necessary, remove Madilene Slay as Elsie's Mother.

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