Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jacob Knorr 1800-1872

Jacob Knorr 
Born 1800 in Bremen, Stadt Bremen, Bremen, Germany
Son of 
Brother of 
Husband of Johanna Charlotte Knorr — married 
Father of Amelia Knorr, Andrew Sebastian Knorr, Frederick J Knorr and Chris Knorr
Died 1872 in Fowler, Adams, Illinois, United States

There is an infamous "Jacob Knorr" that has roots in Pennsylvania but there is nothing to lead me to believe this is the same Jacob. Number one - the dates are wrong. It does however, muddy the water when trying to find something about my Jacob because there is so much to wade through.

I've attempted to trace his arrival and I can't find the exact Jacob. It might have something to do with his name. It could have been "Jakob" in German or "Jacob" could be a nickname or his middle name.

Another issue is knowing exactly where he came from. In order to research German records, you have to know the city he originated. From what I understand at the moment, German records were restricted on a "need to know" basis until recently. Most records were kept through the churches and short of going through thousands of records, it seems a daunting process.

I've searched with his name and his wife's for arrival. Also his whole family. I have no idea if they arrived together or on separate ships. Hopefully more records will open up because I would really like to know where in Germany I originate.

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