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Theophilus "Judge" Harrington 1762-1813

Theophilus "Judge" Harrington
Born March 27, 1762 in Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island, United States
Son of James Harrington and Mary Dwinell
Brother of James Harrington, William Reverand Harrington, Mary Harrington, Penelope Harrington, Sarah Anne Harrington, and Ruth Harrington. 
Husband of Elizabeth Buck — married:  
Father of Samuel Harrington and Theophilus James Harrington
Died November 17, 1813 in Clarendon, Rutland, Vermont, United States

Note to self: add rest of children and double check siblings.

Notes and Sources:
His headstone reads:
"The Hon. Theophilus Harrington, died Nov. 17, 1813 in his 53rd year & was buried here with Masonic Honors. He was the 5th in lineal descent from Isaac Harrington, who settled the east part of Connecticut in 1636. He was 5th by the mother on his father's side from Gen. Theophilus Whaley, who settled in New Haven, Connecticut in 1660. He was 6th also by the mother on the father's side from Dr. John Clarke, who settled in Rhode Island in 1686 & who was the first Baptist preacher there & afterwards the Governor of that Colony. His mother was grand daughter of Dr. Michael Dwinnell, who fled from Paris, France upon revocation of Edict of Nantes & in 1686 settled in Topsfield, Mass. By the mother's side he was the 5th from Thomas Harris, who settled in Plymouth Colony in 1620. He had held the offices of Selectman & Representative for the town of Clarendon; Chief Judge of Rutland County Court; and for last ten years of his life was a Chancellor and an assistant Judge of the Supreme Court of Judicature of the State of Vermont."

A quote taken from The Green Bag:

"Theophilus Harrington, a native of Rhode Island, came to Clarendon in 1785, taking a wife upon the way. Among his ancestors were many remarkable men; Theophilus Whaley was one of the judges who beheaded King Charles I. A son of his married a Harrington, from whom Theophilus descended; among his ancestors were Thomas Harris, one of the Pilgrims of 1620. Dr. John Clarke, Governor of Rhode Island, and Dr. Michael Dwinelle, who fled from Paris upon the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, and settled in Topsfield, Mass., his mother being a great-grand-daughter of the latter."
  • Source: The Green Bag, Volume 6, Sydney Russell Wrightington, Horace Williams Fuller, Arthur Weightman Spencer, Thomas Tileston Baldwin. Published January 1894, Boston Book Company, pp 75-77.
Note to self: Be careful when researching this. Thomas Harris was a common name during that time with 3 known according to this source:

The rest of my sources are referenced to and I'm in the process of getting the direct links. Unless you have a membership to, they are useless. If you want to view the sources there, go to Wiki Tree. 

Pictures related to Judge Harrington:

This page from a book talks of falling in love with Betsy Buck "at first sight" and marrying her on the way to Clarendon. It also talks of the Judge's famous decision on the plight of the slave.

Unfortunately, when I first started researching my family, I wasn't concerned with sources. I didn't know how important they were. I have no source with this photo that I saved to my hard drive. If you know where it originated, please tell me and I will document it.

Ditto with this article, "A Bill of Sale from God Almighty".

Hopefully I will be able to document these sources. My apologies to the authors.

The monument erected by the state.
His gravestone.

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