Saturday, February 2, 2013

Frederick A. Knorr

Fredrick A. Knorr 
Born August 16, 1873 in Illinois, United States
Son of Frederick J Knorr and Matilda E Weidenhamer
Brother of Mattie Knorr, Elizabeth Knorr, Amelia Knorr, Minnie Knorr, Catherine W Knorr, Anna Virginia Knorr and Ella Nancy Knorr 
Husband of Emma S Kendall — married
Father of Lester L. Knorr, Emerson L. Knorr Sr. and Alta Thelma Knorr
Died February 17, 1906 in Illinois, United States

The Quincy Journal, Monday, February 19, 1906
I compiled this from a pdf of the story using Printscreens. Pdf's can't be uploaded on Blogger.

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