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George Thomas Hadd

George Thomas Hadd 

Born April 27, 1888 in Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, USA
Son of James H Hadd and Elsie E Ames
Brother of Bertha May Hadd and Sarah M Hadd 
Husband of Sylvia M Hadd Reynolds — 
Husband of Nellie Harrington — married February 25, 1907 in Omer, Arenac, Michigan, United States
Husband of Mary Agnes Johnson — married August 9, 1922 in Alpena, Alpena, Michigan, United States
Husband of Viola May Pratt Walker — married 1953 in Wausaukee, Marinette, Wisconsin, United States
Father of George Henry Hadd, Edmund V Hadd, Sylvia (Selvia, Silvia) Margueritte Hadd, Alie E Hadd and Lester G Hadd
Died March 29, 1980 in Crivitz, Marinette, Wisconsin, United States of America

Update: July 6, 2016.

The more research I do, the more questions I have. I recently found that my Grandparents, George Thomas Hadd and Nellie Hadd were divorced. I have so many questions, I hardly know where to start.

George and Nellie was divorced February 3, 1917 and it was filed June 5, 1916. Grounds were extreme cruelty as you can see. The paperwork cited three children who were born to the couple. Right now, I can't understand why my Grandmother kept my Mom, Sylvia when they had another child who was Edmund.

Look at this marriage license of George's and Louisa Charbonneau in 1916. Is this the same George? Some of the details fit. Edmund was later named Charbonneau:

I am very confused. I found Edmund, Alie and a baby living with my Grandfather in 1920:

If Edmund was the same age as my Mom Sylvia, and was her brother, why were they not living together? My Mom always thought she was the lone survivor of George and Nellie's children.

Also, for another confusion: I found George and Lucinda Herington's marriage license. They were 18 and 16 when they married.

It lists the bride's mother as Ordiway which is Nellie's Mom. I searched for Nellie's birth certificate but I can't find one yet.

Another issue are two different draft registrations for George:

And the second:

Isn't this proof that there are two George Hadd's? The date of birth and signatures are different.

Also, I found a marriage license for George and Mary Reynolds. I believe the above name is wrong and I will change it from Sylvia Reynolds to Mary:

Previous entry of 2013:

George was my grandfather but unfortunately, I never met him. He never got in touch with my Mother.
Life was different back in the early 1900's and this happened frequently to families. I've never understood it but apparently it was accepted then. It's a shame.

If his other family members read this, could you please write to me and let me know what kind of man he was? My Mother was told some unfavorable things about him and honestly, it's hard to believe. Perhaps she was told those things so that she wouldn't miss him so much, I'm not sure but it seems a likely reason. I'd like to know if he ever thought of her.

*Note: I'm not sure if he was married to Sylvia M. Hadd Reynolds. It seems peculiar to me that he and Nellie Harrington would have a daughter that was named Sylvia M. (Margueritte) if he had previously married a "Sylvia". 

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