Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sylvia Hadd Knorr 1910-2002

Sylvia Margueritte Knorr formerly Hadd 
Born January 5, 1910 in Omer, Arenac, Michigan, USA
Daughter of George Thomas Hadd and Nellie Harrington
Sister of George Henry Hadd, Edmund V Hadd, Alie E Hadd and Lester G Hadd. George Henry died in infancy the year before my Mom was born. The others are step-siblings whom she never knew.
Wife of Emerson L. Knorr Sr. 
Mother of Emerson J Knorr, Lucille Knorr, Fred Edward Knorr, Genevieve Knorr Nine, Richard Knorr, Robert Knorr, Michael Knorr and Cathy C. Knorr
Died May 20, 2002 in Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan, United States of America

What can I say about my Mother that would properly honor her memory? I hope I can put into words how grateful I am that she was the kind of Mom that she was.

Mom was a simple woman and never wanted for anything. She didn't care about the latest gadgets nor was she a slave to fashion. She lived a simple, frugal life long before it was fashionable. As long as we had food to eat, clothing to wear and a roof over our head, she was happy.

I had the utmost stable childhood. Meals were always on the table and she was there when I came home from school. She washed clothes on Monday and ironed on Tuesday back when ironing was necessary. The beds were always made and the dishes done directly after dinner. She kept a clean house and I was never ashamed to have friends over.

Mom had a religious upbringing and believed in God. I don't remember her going to church regularly but her spirituality and beliefs ruled her life. She had a definite sense of right and wrong and I suppose that's where some of my attitudes come from.

My Dad and her were married nearly sixty years when my Dad died. She lived another, close to thirty years anyway and didn't look at another man.

My Mom was someone to look up to and emulate.

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